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This website is meant to facilitate lodging of any complaint related to deposits/schemes of various companies.

If you have any complaint against a specific entity which has defaulted in repayment of deposits/money collected under any scheme or has collected money from you illegally, Please click on “File a complaint” tab on the homepage of the website and register your complaint.

Once you know under which regulator does the company fall, you may select the appropriate regulator as shown under:

In case you are not able to find out the regulator under whom the company falls, you may click on the link as shown below:

In this case the SLCC website administrator will try to direct your complaint to the most appropriate regulator.

However, in order to get faster resolution of your complaint, it is advised that you may chose the concerned regulator if you are aware about the same.

Your mobile number would be used to send you the complaint number and the status of your complaint.

The complaint submitted on this website would be immediately forwarded to the concerned Regulator/Law Enforcement Authority who would take necessary action as per their procedures and processes.

While the Regulators/Law Enforcement Agency will give immediate attention to the complaints, there is no definite time for resolution of complaints as the resolution of the complaint would depend on several factors including legal procedures.

Once your complaint is forwarded to the concerned Authority for taking action, you would receive the Contact Details of the Authority through email and SMS. You may contact on that email address for updates about your complaint. In case, no such message is received, you can contact SLCC team on the email address given in the acknowledgement mail.

You can view the Status of your complaint through Track your complaint button on the Home Page through your email Id/Contact No/Complaint no.

Once a complaint is forwarded to the concerned Regulator/Authority, the complaint gets disposed off from the SLCC website and you won’t be able to send reminder through the website. You may then contact the concerned Agency whose details you would receive through email and SMS. However, if no action has been taken by the SLCC team (i.e. forwarded to the concerned Agency), after 30 days of registering your complaint, a reminder button will pop-up on the website. You may click on the reminder button to remind the SLCC team about your pending complaint.

This website is meant to gather information regarding any unauthorized acceptance of deposits/money through various schemes by suspect entities so that action could be initiated against them. In case you have noticed any suspect activity such as unauthorized acceptance of deposits/money under different schemes, the same can be brought to the notice of the regulators by clicking on the “Help your Regulator” tab. You could also attach documents/pictures to support your information.The information submitted by you will be examined and used for further action

The regulators are given their powers as per different laws / acts. You may read more about the acts through which the regulators regulate different companies under "The Regulators" block.

The regulations of different regulators can be found under the link “Regulations", as shown under:

This link will provide you with the latest regulations and press releases regarding deposit acceptance. It is advised that you may read the appropriate regulations before filing a complaint, as this will help you know whether or not the concerned company is violating any of the regulations or not.